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Luckiest Gift from Qatar Airways

It was another good day to begin a vacation! Me and Briseis meet up in Penang International Airport to catch our 7 1/2 hours flight via Qatar Airways to Doha for transit. It was my first ever flight with Qatar Airways and I was quite impress with the comfortable seat and food provided throughout the flight. Surprisingly, truly unexpected, during boarding on our connecting flight to Copenhagen, I was being informed by the staff that I was upgraded to business class seat for this flight! I was almost stunned, not sure how to react after collecting new boarding pass. Briseis was shock as well as it was just my first flight with the airline and we still can't understand in what circumstances I am the choice for the upgrade. However, that wasn't important, and I just can't wait to experience the luxury soon!

Testing my new 55-210mm E-mount lens.

Changing my test object to Briseis.

The iconic Lamp Bear in Hamad Internation Airport, Doha.

Very modern design of the airport's interior.

I am being escorted by a stewardess to my seat at 5E, and I was truly excited there, but try to act calm still! Spacious space, huge TV screen, privacy compartment, soft blanket, lower back massage chair, memory pillow, and of course the best thing you could wish for, sleep flat with the super flexible adjustable seat! Immediately the plane departed, stewardess begin to serve light dinner for me with fine dining setup, truly fascinating and enjoyable especially pairing with a few cups of wine of course. I try to lay down for a comfortable nap once done with the dinner but we were hit by few occasion of turbulence that causing massive shaking in the cabin. The moment itself remind me that not even luxury can overcome the power of the nature, at that point of time, there wasn't any different between business or economical class. Luckily the tension period last probably for 15 minutes only, and it was all smooth after that.

The quality of the sleep I have after that was just superb and so refreshing. As soon as I woke up, the stewardess aware and start to prepare the breakfast for me already, continental breakfast set once again with fine dining setup, I almost forget that I am actually on a flight there! The journey was 6 hours to Copenhagen and it was probably the only flight time by far that I felt pass to soon, truly thanks to Qatar Airways for the upgrade for this memorable experience!

This was definitely a good good day!

Probably the only time I was so concentrate on the on screen instruction.

Time to pick my dinner and wine from the menu.

Much bigger screen, with more details of flight information.

To be able to sleep flat comfortably was the best thing to wish for in a flight, by far.

Fine dining setup on air!

It was late night, a health garden salad wasn't a bad choice.

With an additional mushroom soup for sure!

Lucky seat, 5E.

Best introduction gift from Qatar Airways!

Good morning world!

Continental breakfast to boost up the morning.

Pack up, it was almost time for landing via Copenhagen.

Probably the fastest 6 hours flight ever in my life!

Hope to see you soon!

Finally, we got to meet the rest of the team members at the boarding gate to Faroe Islands, and start to self introduce to each other as a quick ice breaking session while waiting for the connecting flight. Hybrid was again the leader of the team, with James and Alvin, fellow Malaysian working in Singapore, Tree, a Taiwanese currently in working holiday via England, last but least, Candy with Apple which looked more like sisters than a mother daughter relationship! Great diversity in the group!

Faroe Islands was just 2 hours away from Copenhagen, of course through flight! Short flight and we finally reach the destination for the trip, welcome by 6 degree of temperature with extreme strong wind. Welcome to Faroe Islands!

The sunrise as seen from Copenhagen Airport.

Awaiting for the next flight to our final destination, Faroe Islands!

Welcome to Faroe Islands!

Thanks for the smooth flight, SAS.

Penang -> Faroe Islands

March 2019


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