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Luxury Hike to Drangarnir

It was our last full day here in Faroe Islands, and the team seem come to an agreement to have a hike to sea stacks of Drangarnir for a close up view of it. However, while we were at Sørvágur during the first few day, we get to know that the entrance to the trail now restricted by the local owner, which claim that it was their private land. Of course, you still allow to went through it by paying some money, around 500 KR per head, which was around RM315! It was ridiculously expensive!

We drove to Effo Petrol Station via Sørvágur, and consult the Filipino lady that worked there once again on the advice if we could hike the trail on our own without hiring a local guide, and she even told us that there was trespassing hikers caught and was fined for even larger number! Dangling in between the decision to trespassing and hiring local guide for this since everyone really want to hit the trail. At last, we came to an agreement to legally enter the trail, although I still quite hesitate with a roughly 10 KM hike for 8 person, that cost your group nearly RM2500! After series of negotiation with the land owner, finally we agree with 2400 Danish Krone for the whole group, which still equivalent to around RM1500, which his son as our guide to escort us in. Well, team decision was made, forgot about the money and just hit the trail!

Alvin relaxing with the marvelous view opposite.

A ship sailed close to Drangarnir.

Discussion still ongoing over there.

Will be there lots of different to really view these sea stacks close up?

The island of Gáshólmur.

From left, sea stacks of Drangarnir, Tindhólmur, and Gáshólmur.

We park our car at a small industrial plant which probably belong to land owner, and walk passed a wooden door entrance before reaching the starting point of the trail. For a period of time, we were walking along steep cliff, and the trail condition was quite muddy. Full concentration required along the walk, you might roll all the way into the sea water if you were careless. It will be crazily freezing down there! Half way into the trail, we start the ascend through a wider grassland, and from the peak of it, we can finally see the iconic sea stacks of Drangarnir not too far away now.

Finally, stick to the plan to rock the trail.

Step carefully along the trail, else we might fall straight into the freezing sea water.

Abandoned house on the trail.

An airplane flew through the sky.

Relieved to be in open grass field.

But yet still push some effort to make it through the peak up there.

The journey itself indeed was the destination.

Excitement spike when we were getting our self closer to Drangarnir.

The descend from this peak was scarily steep, we even have to side step our feet all the way down before getting back to normal trail road. Further more, the guide just walk by himself up front without even considering our safety at the back, this was really not what we were expected after paying that huge sum of money for his service! Luckily everyone were safe, while subsequent trail was again the walk along the cliff.

The subsequent step down was scarily steep.

This guy walk on the trail up front just by himself.

Getting close and closer now.

Long walk along the cliff.

We should be reaching after passing through another wide grass field.

After walking through for quite some time, finally we brought our self to the nearest view possible on the amazing sea stacks of Drangarnir, by feet! Comparing to the view all the way from Bøur village, this view close up was truly special and stunning! Not to make any assumption if the hike was worth the price, but as I think about this trip might be my only visit to Faroe Islands throughout my whole life, it was still a good exploration after all!

First peek close up, does it looked like King Kong?

Apple and the King Kong.

Our guide just taking a nap while we explore the area.

Can't even imagine how this structure was formed naturally, simply unbelievable.

It seem like a great spot to take photo with the King Kong.

Carefully step over to the loose-ground.

And sit calmly for a photo.

It was truly different to see it close up.

The mother in yellow.

And the daughter in orange.

Perhaps can name it King Kong rock as well?

Tree sitting comfortably and stare on the King Kong.

Going down close to sea side to have a view from different perspective.

Briseis with the King Kong rock.

James with the King Kong rock.

If you are brave enough, you may have a spectacular photo by climbing up the rocks to the left, but it was too slippery that day.

Close up shot.

Much closer up.

We can barely see the village of Gasadalur far away.

Hybrid prepare to fly up his drone.

The view over to Skarðsáfossur waterfall and its surrounding.

Another airplane flew through the sky.

A pigeon resting on its house by the cliff.

Good bye, amazing sea stacks of Drangarnir.

Hit the trail once again on the way back.

The village of Bøur from the opposite.

A helicopter flew through the sky.

A sheep with zebra stripe on the way back.

After a long day, we finally get back to Sørvágur.

Relive - Drangarnir Hike.

Before we call it a day, we also have a quick visit to a waterfall near to Kvivik village, in which we manage to catch some drone shot here. I required more practice for sure for a more stabilize drone video shot.

Waterfall at Kvivik Village.

Drangarnir - Faroe Islands

April 2019


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