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Magical Trek to Trælanípa

I have a truly deep sleep very early throughout the night after a hell of a rainy day, and wake up at around 4-5 AM in the morning and start to flipping around. Later on, I walked over to the window overlooking the mountain and I observed it was snowing during the night when I slept soundly! I rush outside and the first thing that I observe was our cars was covered with snow, and by walked over to the main street, it was magical that the whole town and the mountain area just transform drastically, from greenery to total white!

Unpredictable snow on early April here in Faroe Islands.

Time to shove some snow!

Twin sun! But it was actually reflection of a mirror.

Good morning Koltur!

The highland just turn white from green.

We were ready, where was the other car?

Come on pals! Get in the car and lets hit the trek!

It was truly a perfect decision to swap the activity yesterday, as it was a sunny morning which was perfect for a trek! After having our breakfast, we have a short drive uphill to a parking area just 5 minutes away from our accommodation, and getting ready for the trek. It was a free trek for us when we did this trek on April 2019 as no one was stopping us from entering the trail, but it seem that today you will either have to hire a tour guide for the trek here, or paying 200 Faroese króna per head if you wish to trek by your own.

Briseis on the road that we drove all the way here.

Miðvágur village from the parking area.

Saw the special structure in this photo?

The name was Trøllkonufingur, a monolith standing high at 313 meters.

A lady walk down the road.

Everyone well prepared for the trek, time to move!

The introduction to the trek.

The map of the trek.

Truly a great day for trek.

It was more to a trek than a hike as the elevation wasn't that much along the 3 KM walks all the way to Trælanípa. The trail was clear and well maintained, it was almost impossible to get lose even if you doing this without a guide, as your destination was visible from quite some distance away. It was truly magical feel walk on a beautiful trail with all the white surrounding us , and of course the astonishing view of Sørvágsvatn Lake with pure blue in color all along the way!

The view towards Sørvágsvatn, the largest lake in Faroe Islands.

Another peek on the village of Miðvágur.

Discussion on going between mother and daughter.

Do Re Mi~ Ladies version.

Do Re Mi~ Gentlemen version.

The team playing with the shadow, while Hybrid rush back to the car to grab his stuff.

The destination can be seen from quite some distance away.

Stone stacks by the lake.

Tree with the absolute gorgeous view of the lake and surrounding.

One by one please~ In a line.

Getting closer to the destination cliff.

The trail was clearly marked along the way.

Briseis with the astonishing view.

The fjord-like lake is around 6km long, stretching from Vágar Airport in the north to Bøsdalafossur waterfall in the south

Sørvágsvatn - Faroe Islands

April 2019

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