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Northern Streymoy Island Exploration

We continue on the main road, with the rain start to get heavier, turn right when we reach the village of Hvalvíkar. Along the way after passing the village, the road getting narrow and end up just able to accommodate a single transport on the lane. However, there was quite a lot of buffer zone on the road side to give way to each other along the way, hence ensure to be a ethical driver here, give way to the opposite car when needed.

The rain start to get heavier.

The single lane road that lead the way to Saksun.

Wilderness along the way.

The drive on the narrow path was probably around 10 KM, and finally we manage to reach the parking area for the village of Saksun, but the rain was quite heavy at the time hence we just can wait in the car and wish for the rain to stop so that we can explore out there. Luckily the rain get smaller after nearly just 5-10 minutes which allow us to move on, but the initial plan to walk over until the wooden house was kinda risky as the trail condition was really bad and super slippery, hence we just mainly walk over and enjoy the view from Saksunar Kirkja. It was still wonderful though.

Welcome to Saksun village!

That was supposed to be a cafe but it seem wasn't open at this time of the year.

We walked pass the Saksunar Kirkja to enjoy the view.

Pollurin zone wasn't fully covered with water as it was still not high tide season.

The actual area of the village at the opposite.

After done with the exploration near to Saksunar Kirkja, we drive over to car park on the opposite of the river. The purpose was to take Ut a Lonna trail that walk along the tranquil river leading all the way down to the black sand beach by the ocean. We manage to get down to the Pollurin area which still accessible now, but during high tides it will reaches out direct to the ocean. The weather turn bad just out of a sudden when we were there, and the rain started to pour down heavily! Well, the only option was to rush our way back to the car, which was still quite some distance away. Luckily, thanks to the unpredictable weather here in Nordic, the rain didn't last that long.

Time to do some trekking.

Similar to Iceland, waterfalls were everywhere!

Walk along the river, down to the Pollurin zone.

Despite on an off rain almost whole day, the team still quite energized, great!

Few sheep was wandering on the cliff for food.

Oh no, the rain start to drop again.

And it seem to become heavier and heavier as time pass, lets run back to our cars!

Leaving the village of Saksun, we continue to head over to Northern part of Streymoy Island by having a stop at Fossá Waterfall. It was the tallest waterfall in Faroe Island with 140 meters high, and cascades beautifully down the mountain through two section. We were directly underneath the second section hence not really able to see the both sections at whole, but the water amount was no joke when we try to get closer to it. The trail to get closer to the fall was damn slippery as well, with both James and Tree nearly fall all the way into the water! Luckily there was some rocks that blocked and prevent the catastrophe, thanks God!

Able to see the partial of the second section from this angle.

The water splash the whole area, our camera was all wet here.

It wasn't easy to hike here due to slippery ground.

James just recovered from his slipped here, luckily he wasn't fall into the water.

Finally, our final stop of the day, a quiet village on the very north of Streymoy Island, Tjørnuvík. It was again heavy rain when we reach the parking area, but we still able to witness the famous sea stacks of Risin & Kellingin, the Giant and his wife from the car! There was also a dog rushing over to our car with her playing stick and keep demanding us to play with her. After the rain getting smaller, we quickly rush our way to a small hill behind the village, with only single purpose, to enjoy the trademark and spectacular view from here!

Everyone was tired and exhausted as we exposed to too much of rain on and off today, hence after a short stay here, it was time to get back to our accommodation for some good and deserved rest.

Risin & Kellingin.

So far from the village of Tjørnuvík.

Countless waterfall again just behind the village of Tjørnuvík.

Truly an breathtaking view over the village and the bay!

Briseis with the astonishing view of this beautiful village.

Drive all the way here mainly just for this view, but still worth all the efforts we spent really!

I am truly lucky to travel with chef and bartender, what a dinner after a tiring day!

Saksun - Faroe Islands

April 2019


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