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Officially certified Open Water Diver!

Covid-19 pandemic have seriously creating lots of awareness and make people realize how fragile our life truly was. We were blessed to be here in this beautiful world, but is there anything that you put in your bucket list that you thought you are not in rush, and you still have time to keep on postpone the plan for that? I did, and now I am already close to my 40th and wondering seriously if it was a wise decision to keep my dream, as a dream when I leaving this beautiful world one day? Is time to make the move, to turn one of my dream, into a reality!

I have always have a dream to be certified with diver licencing, and exploring the world down beneath great ocean. Our world was 70% covered with water, so why not if exploring the world was part of my bucket list too. There was a Chinese word about opportunity, which depend on 天时地利人和, the timing was perfect as after MCO period I am desperately need some vacation to release my stress, location wise we were not allowed to went out of country still, hence cuti-cuti Malaysia was our choice and Redang was definitely the best location. In term of 人和, decision have to be made and I am glad I decided to do so!

Redang, here I come!

The blue sky and ocean water is awaiting, and I must go!

I propose that we drive all the way to Kuala Terengganu instead of taking bus so that we can have some sight seeing throughout the road trip. It was rather OK, just a bit tiring but luckily we reach there a day earlier and spend a night in KT before taking the ferry in, which balance back the fatigue. If we have more time next time, we probably should include Kota Bharu region as part of road trip along the way to KT.

The refreshing view from Titiwangsa Rest Stop.

Alex recommended the local kuih at this stall but too bad it was closed that day.

Lunch break at Sate Mastura, a famous shop that selling the local delicacies since 1977.

The beautiful Pantai Penarik that offer great seaside view and lots of seafood celup tepung restaurant along the way.

The street painting in Kuala Terengganu town center.

The iconic Chinatown Gate at Kuala Terengganu downtown.

Initially I thought by taking the 4 days 3 night stay at Redang Beach Resort tag along with open water diver course will able to maximize my experience in Redang Island, which I plan to include the hiking and running trail into my plan, but end up we was totally exhausted by only by the course itinerary that almost occupied most of our time! Well, Cindy and Mandy were right on this.

The 7 of us was divided into 2 groups at Bubble Gazers Diving Center with Aaron and Joe as our course instructors. Me, Fabian, and Charlene were group along with Aaron while the rest tagged along with Joe. Aaron looked very much like Taiwanese celebrity, Darren Wang, and was a very bright and cheerful instructor on the first sight impression. Getting more and more in depth into the course, especially during the practical session, we start to feel his seriousness and the desire to make us repeating our efforts in order for us to truly adopt the skill correctly. I guess it was perfectly right in the sense before we could really enjoy the diving session comfortably, we should always ensure on the safety precaution and the skills, as well as apply accordingly in case there was any emergency need of those.

Basically the course include theory understanding, understand your equipment and how to utilize those, hand signals in the water, breathing and moving skill in the water, and most importantly, on how to maintain neutral buoyancy underwater. Buoyancy was the toughest skill for us, but when we manage to get in control of it, the exploration underwater was truly one of the best thing I experience in my life. No wonder people say don't try diving, as you will be easily poisoned!

Thanks a lot to Aaron for all the hard works on us to ensure we were 'truly' certified as Open Water Diver!

24 dive sites around Redang Island.

Introduction to our essential equipment by Joe.

Equipment check ON, buddy check ON, ready to go to the shore.

2 certified divers and 3 divers to be with equipment on.

Getting ready for the practical session on the shore with Aaron leading the way.

Heading to the shore for additional practices before getting ready for boat dive in open water. Video credited to Ang.

Bubble Gazers Diving Center, the place we spend the most of the time at.

Our boat dive at Che Isa was absolutely beautiful despite the low visibility due to current. The video manage to capture a school of yellow-tail fish as well as adorable clown fish playing at the coral! Video credited to GT.

Aaron with us along with our certificates, and the whale shark wall painting in the center.

With the iconic bubble gazers painting at the center.

We were certified open water diver! Thanks to everyone in Bubble Gazers Diving Center! Robert is such a cute guy!

Thanks to Mandy on the banana gift for our graduation! Do remember to 'Jio Me Dive!' OK!

Aside from the tight schedule of the diving courses, I only have rather little time able to play around with my camera, but still manage to capture some red tailed squirrel that appear the most at canteen area due to food, a cute looking bat that hanging on a tree just outside of our doorstep, and not to miss out the awesome sunrise on the beach.

Kudos to Redang Beach Resort that truly offer comfortable and worry free accommodation experience, that make us somehow able to regenerate well with full of energy every morning! Summer point offered very happening environment with mind-blowing music to party especially after we completed our open water diver course as a celebration! Not to forget the Kopitiam, that serving lots of local delicacies along with gourmet coffee, and was our short pit stop tea break spot in between our afternoon diving course session. Their Ice Latte was just so superb, a must try in Redang Island!

Even you are not going for the diving certification, Redang Island still a top choice to just relax by the beach doing nothing, or add on little water activities such as snorkeling to see the beautiful scenery under water.

Cute squirrel happily enjoy a piece of watermelon given by CT at the canteen.

A cute little bat as seen on a tree outside our room.

Perfect full moon on the night sky of 6th July.

Thick cloud blocking the beautiful sunrise from the beach on 7th of July.

8th of July, the clouds formation was even thicker.

And finally on the morning we going to check out on 9th of July, the sunrise was almost perfect and I truly stunned on the scenery there!

As for the drone, I only have the bandwidth to fly it with limited charged battery for some dronie shot to summarize our adventure! Love everyone from Redang Beach Resort and Bubble Gazers Diving Center, and I guess I will be back very soon to further my studies here!

Thanks Redang for the wonderful time!

Redang Island - Malaysia

July 2020


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