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Patan, the Traditional Center of Handicrafts

Initially the reason why we choose to stay at Patan, was just because it was closer to the airport, and Thamel which was way much commercialize just not suit me at all. The accommodation that I chose, Peacock Guest House was situated strategically very close to Patan Durbar Square, and just next to the famous Golden Temple as well!

It was a terrible night as we were so tired travel in bus for 11 hours all the way from Pokhara, and I have diarrhea throughout the long night. Luckily the room and toilet itself was well equipped and clean hence it still wasn't too bad, and further more it seem recovered well in the morning. Laying lazily for a short nap, and we ready to explore surrounding before catching our flight back on the same night.

The Golden Temple can be seen directly from the balcony of Peacock Guest House.

The small main door of Peacock Guest House.

The small street where the guest house was located.

The only signboard of the guest house, it was not easy to find though.

A group of student lining up for a visit to Patan Durbar Square.

We first went to visit the Golden Temple, which was just next to our guest house. Foreigner required to pay 50 Rupee ticket in order to visit the temple. By entering the temple towards the main courtyard, you will be amazed with the golden color of the temple, which in fact was actually polished gilt copper that resulted in fantastic golden shine color. This place definitely a heaven for historian as you able to get so close with most of the ancient artifacts, which almost all of them were highly detailed! You have to be amazed with the crafting skill really!

The entrance to Golden Temple.

The courtyard of the Golden Temple, shining bright with golden color.

The entrance into the courtyard.

Look at the craft-work all over the temple, it was truly amazing!

The main shrine, with Sakyamuni Buddha statue inside.

Many local came for morning prayers here in the temple.

Definitely worth to pay the entrance fees to visit this beautiful historical temple.

The view of the Golden Temple from the second floor.

The details of the artifacts here was just brilliant.

Side shrine, with Tara statue inside.

We have a quick visit through Patan Durbar Center as well, but most of the artifacts was still in recovery works after the major quake that hitting Kathmandu Valley on 2015. We have a lunch break via the rooftop of Cafe Du Temple next to Patan Durbar Center, which offer a great view over the whole area of it. I also complete my shopping list by getting few Thangka and singing bowl from the street here. After comparing the these arts work from Thamel and Pokhara, there was a reason why Patan was describe as center of handicrafts in Kathmandu Valley, as their works truly outstanding after the comparison! If you would like to get artworks home with you from Nepal, highly recommended to visit Patan for that, you will not regret it!

The walk over the street with countless art works shop.

The shop which I get some singing bowl from later on.

Fabian with the statue shop that wasn't operating that day on the street.

The amazing stone Krishna Temple which one of the masterpiece here in Patan Durbar Square.

The Patan museum.

Most of the structure here was damaged during 2015 earthquake and still undergoing restoration.

The view of Patan Durbar Square via rooftop of Cafe Du Temple.

Mutton fried rice as my lunch for the day.

I got myself some truly masterpiece Mandala Thangka from this shop.

After a dinner with my favorite Briyani Chicken via Casa Pagoda, we saying goodbye to the security guard of our guest house and hop on the taxi to airport for the flight home.

Thanks Nepal for the great time, hope to see you again!


The view from Casa Pagoda restaurant while waiting for our dinner.

Thanks for the great accommodation!

Patan - Nepal

November 2018


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