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Road Trip - Phu Chi Fa to Chiang Rai

After saying goodbye to Thom and family, we start to descend our way down from Phu Chi Fa highland, on our way back to Chiang Rai for a night of stay. We could just took the shortest route back which was the one that we came from earlier, but I guess it was a good idea to explore few other places using other route before that. After many consideration, I finalize an alternate route of 227 KMs that will bring us through few point of interest, and it seems the road condition wasn't that bad at all along the way. It was a road trip somehow and we should be enjoy the adventure as much as we could, let's go!

My plan route for the day.

We first reach the famous Golden Triangle Park after nearly 111 KMs of drive, which was an exact spot that you can witness the land of Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos with a single glimpse. However, the actual attraction about the area was actually the casino reside on the side of Laos, in which many tourists, notable the Chinese boarding the ship to get in the casino opposite for gambling experience. For us, we just sight seeing around the park, while having some quick lunch with the leftover food from yesterday night BBQ session.

Mum at the Golden Triangle Park.

We are stepping on the land of Thailand, while to the left opposite the river was Myanmar, and to the right opposite the river was Laos.

The sitting Buddha statue at the Golden Triangle Park.

We continue the road passing through Mae Sai, the actual land border between Thailand and Myanmar, then all the way uphill on a road along the border on the mountain area. There was also a stopover spot before reaching Doi Tung with a view overlooking the land of Myanmar by stepping on Thailand, with only fences separating both countries.

Mum and sister at the viewing platform.

The land of Myanmar separated by only some fences.

Good stopover spot on the way to Doi Tung.

Just a little while after that, we finally reach Doi Tung, and our plan here was to visit the Mae Fah Luang Garden, and also the Doi Tung Royal Villa, which was the former residence of Princess Mother Srinagarindra. The garden was exceptional beautiful at this time of year, with varieties of flowers scattered around the area, but for me the highlight of the visit here was definitely the Doi Tung Royal Villa. You can slowly exploring the interior of the beautiful villa that was divided into 23 sessions, along with the audio device provided. It was like a journey into the Princess Mother's life with rich information provided along the self guided tour, definitely a must visit here in Doi Tung!

The best highlight in the villa was definitely the ceiling of the main hall, which was a hand crafted wood inlay designed by the Astronomy Society of Thailand. The light bulbs installed representing the stars in the center of the ceiling showed the position of the constellations on October 21, 1900, the day the Princess Mother was born.

The ticket booth of Doi Tung.

Stepping into Mae Fah Luang Garden.

The lobby area of the garden with kids in traditional clothes dancing along the music happily.

Stepping into orchid garden.

These purple color flowers absolutely eyes catching!

The varieties color of flowers in the main garden!

On the walk to enter Doi Tung Royal Villa from the side door.

The exit of the Doi Tung Royal Villa, this visit was truly fruitful and informative, strongly recommended!

The main entrance of the villa, but not accessible for tourists.

Goodbye Doi Tung, we should be on our way now back to Chiang Rai before the sky getting dark.

The massive clock tower in gold, at the central of Chiang Rai city center.

Doi Tung - Thailand

December 2019


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