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Sea of Yellow Flowers - Sunn Hemp

Leaving the Blue Temple, we were now heading west from Chiang Rai, to a mountainous area that bordering Thailand and Laos, called Phu Chi Fa. I simply just set our destination at Sutta Farm on, which will be our stays for the night. It will be another 100 KM of drive throughout this long drive day, let's go!

Half way through the route, we accidentally have to re-route due to massive road repair near the Mae Pao district, hence I have to study the route for a while and simply choose another alternative path to bypass the area. Truly unexpectedly during the re-route, an unknown yellowish scenery on the roadside suddenly just caught everyone's attention in the car, and my instinct told me that I need to stop the car by the roadside to check it out!

We got to realize that it was a massive fields fully covered with yellow flowers that almost have same height as myself, hence walking along these flowers was somehow feel like exploring inside a maze! Initially I ain't sure what was the actual flower was this, but after having some study back in Malaysia, I finally get to know these beauty was called Sunn Hemp. The place truly offer a lots of photography opportunity utilizing the wooden walking path which was taller than those flowers, as well as a eatery shop, Carabao Cafe at Rongbier, as well as Lanna Cafe which offer great coffee while just sitting there peacefully enjoy these breathtaking scenery.

This is why I love road trip so much, expect the unexpected, there is no wrong turns!

What an encounter to this eye catching scenery!

Mum and 5th aunt.

They do love the scenery very much!

The ladies surrounded in yellow.

Close up look at these Sunn Hemp flowers.

My niece with the yellowish scenery.

The white, pink, and the yellow!

6th aunt taking selfie in the middle of the field.

Sister, niece, and shy nephew.

Love the pure sisterhood smile here very much!

Mum's eyes getting hurt a little bit, everyone escorting her to walk carefully on the wooden path.

Truly a unplanned moment to be remember.

Having a cup of coffee here should be absolutely wonderful!

Well time spent here, is time to move on!

We were in little bit rush of time after the well spent time at the golden farm, as our destination was high up on a hill and our initial plan was to reach Sutta Farm at least before dawn approaching. The road was quite steep but luckily the road condition was quite good and not much traffic on the road as well, making the journey quite smooth all the way until we finally reach Sutta Farm. We were greeted warmly by Thom and her family, her husband and their cute little daughter name Tonkhaw. Thom grant us free upgrade to their newly established room for us as it will not being occupied that day, what a nice hospitalization by them! It was almost close to dawn, and she told us we should head over quickly to the helipad spot nearby to witness the amazing sunset scenery here. Immediately after we drop our stuff in the room, we quickly jump in the car and rush over to the spot but only manage to see the big red sun fallen slowly into the mountain when we reached the car park area! It was absolutely beautiful but we just miss the timing to have a great shot on the scenery, but even so, the dusk scenery was still very magnificent here!

The big red sun just went off the mountain as we reached the helipad!

But still the dusk scenery was absolutely magnificent.

Sister and the kids.


Told them no need to turn their head over, they don't believe me.

Thanks for the beautiful dusk moment!

Back to Sutta Farm and Thom & families already in progress of setting up our BBQ dinner night along with another Korean family that also staying here tonight. We have sets of BBQ meats, some mushroom and sausages, cooked chayote, Japanese curries, Japanese potatoes, traditional north Thailand noodles soup, fried banana flowers, along with some local hot tea. It was definitely a great and happy BBQ night, under chilling temperature at this spot which was more than 1000 meters above sea level!

There was also a small trail path elevated higher to a small hill, which was actually a camp site that Sutta Farm offered for more adventurous visitors here. Since there was no one, and it was quite some distance away from the light from our accommodation area, the night skies here was absolutely stunning as well with minimal light pollution!

The long exposure shot at our BBQ dinner site.

Time for these kids to contribute a little bit to the team.

Chilling yet cheerful BBQ dinner night!

The beautiful night skies via Sutta Farm!

Mae Pao - Thailand

December 2019

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