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Secret Viewpoint via Funningur

After the long trek via Trælanípa, we stop by on the road side just opposite of a secondary school in Miðvágur to have our packed lunch, while enjoying the view of the Koltur Island, which we now know that it was the back of the head of a legendary witch. After that, we have a rather long drive around 60 KM passing the village of Funningur in Eysturoy Island. The road lead to steep uphill and curvy road until we have a stop on a nameless parking space on the road side. It was quite high up hill hence again the surrounding landscape was covered with snow here.

Passing through village of Miðvágur once again.

The back head of a witch based on the local legend.

Driveway along the fjord.

The village of Funningsfjørður.

Tree, Alvin, and James refuse to come down due to massive strong wind out here.

By the way, you may ask, what we intended to do in the place surrounded by mountain and without any proper signs? Hybrid kept it a secret, but again I did my homework and get to know about a secret viewpoint here in Funningur, and even got the trail downloaded up front in my apps! To be exact, there was totally no specific sign leading to the trail head, it was basically a very steep uphill to the left along a fence. You may see the peak of the trail even from the car park area, and the folks keep joking that it was not too tough, probably just 150 steps away. End up the trail was really steep hence it was not that easy as we thought after all, with additional difficulty with snow ground.

A look back on the roads we went through to reach the car park.

The trail alongside the fence.

Surrounded with all white landscape!

It was really steep when it almost reaching the top of it.

Keep it up comrades, we are almost there!

After conquering the so call 'Short Hike', we were stunned with the absolute beautiful fjord all over the area, as well as endless snow mountain, endless 'Toblerone'! It was almost end of winter when we were visiting, hence uniquely you can see these mountain covered up snowing white on top, and greenery on the bottom half. We only manage to spend limited amount of time here as we got struck by super strong wind out of nowhere, hence for safety purposes we decided to rush back to car early. However, the classic scenery was already embedded to my memory!

Endless wave of Toblerone!

Heading over to find a best spot for photo.

Loving this so much, thanks Tree!

Otherworldly, best word to describe the scenery.

Relive - Funningur Hike

Funningur - Faroe Islands

April 2019


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