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Snowy Klakkur Hike

Satisfied with the short visit to Vidareidi, we drove all the way back to Klaksvík and glad that the weather getting better and better now. We decided to return back to the plan earlier this morning, the hike to Klakkur Mountain. After parked our cars, we walk along the paved road that offered a great overview on Klaksvík town from high, until we reach a wooden gate entrance. Passing through the entrance, we start to step into a different world filled with snow! The team walked carefully until the edge to the west, and plan to just sitting there to enjoy the view on the magnificent fjord.

The view of Klaksvík town from the place we parked our cars.

Klaksvík is the second largest town of the Faroe Islands.

The whole area was covered with snow!

Team went pass through the wooden gate, legally!

The fjord to the west of the hike.

Everyone so comfort and decided to just stay here and enjoy the view.

Looking at the top of Klakkur Mountain, my heart keep whispering on the desire to make it there. It wasn't looked that far away, and after hesitate for a while, I stand up firmly and tell the rest that my plan, but none of them seem interested with it. I promise to came down on time, and rushing up hill immediately without wasting more time, as we need to catch the ferry schedule later to Kalsoy! The snow on the ground getting thicker and thicker as I went higher, and there wasn't any clear trail around the area as well. Hence for safety purposes, I try to step on the grass instead of pure white ground to ensure that I am not falling into loose hole. Other than that, the hike to the top wasn't that tough, except the final ascend that was really very steep!

The tower over there, is the peak of Klakkur Mountain.

My own safety rule, stepping on the ground with visible grass like this.

The steepness at this point was no joke at all closer to the peak!

Looking back at the town of Klaksvík.

Great view on the half way up to Klakkur Mountain.

As usual, the weather turned bad out of sudden, better rush myself up there!

A ship sailed through the fjord, with some light snowing, what a scenery!

Truly otherworldly view everywhere here in Faroe Islands!

Feeling so good to be on the top after giving all out effort to reach here as quick as I can, and proud of myself for winning the inner hesitation whether to do it or not! I have a quick wandering around the area, and due to time constraint, quickly rush down hoping that I am not causing our next plan any timing problem, especially with the ferry schedule! Half way down, I saw two people appear out of nowhere on the trail, it was Candy and Apple also try to hike up after seeing me try to do so. They make it to the half of it, and together we descend and meet with the rest on the car park area.

While back into the car, only I start to realize that I miss the classic view of the fjord with island of Kalsoy, at the end of the peak! Well, if there was a chance to hike here again, I will ensure I will not forget about that next time!

Finally, I reached the peak of Klakkur Mountain!

The view back towards the trail head area, where my comrades were resting them self over there.

A safety house on the top, with the view of Klaksvík town.

The max I walked through, before I went down. I should have walked further for the view towards the island of Kalsoy. Well, maybe next time!

Probably it wasn't a safety house, as it was locked and I can't find any key to open it.

Time to descend and reunite with my comrades!

Bye for now, Klakkur Mountain!

Few area with clear trail to follow.

If you zoom this photo, you can see my comrades walk their ways to the car park.

Exactly my footprint when going up, trace that I used to go down safely.

There were some ones there....

It was Apple and Candy exploring portion of the hike as well!

Candy and the Klaksvík town.

Next, to Kalsoy!

Relive - Klakkur Hike

Klaksvík - Faroe Islands

April 2019


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