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Surprise Snow in Gjógv

Since we still have some times, Hybrid suggest that we should have a quick visit on village of Gjógv, which wasn't too far away from the car park that we were for the hike to the secret view point of Funningur earlier. We walked across the village along the creek, while enjoying the view of various houses in the village built with various colors, and size too! We walk all the way until the edge of the village, on the rocky beach side, just relaxing with all the voice of nature surrounding us. We were glad with the great weather that we have all day long, but as soon as we walked back to our car, we were surprise with the sudden snow that fall from the sky out of nowhere, everyone was so excited of it! But strangely, some of the pieces dropped was kinda solid, and we realize that the minor snow had changed to hail rain all out of a sudden! Luckily we were already next to our car, and everyone just quickly squeeze into it to avoid the pain.

The village of Gjógv from the public car park.

Similar to all other villages here in Faroe Islands, it came with various colors and design scattered all over the area.

Look at the small cabin there! Wonder what the cabin used for, probably house for a pet?

My comrades walking slowly along the creek.

Fellow sheep appearing just out of nowhere.

And rushing up hill avoiding contact with us.

Gjáarkaffi Cafe in the village, but again it wasn't open at this time of the year.

Massive wave keep hitting on the edge of the rocky beach.

Tree just standing calmly and enjoy the nature surrounding us.

It was the Island of Kalsoy over there, direct opposite of Gjógv village.

Hybrid ready to fly his drone over the village.

Surprising snow over the village on the month of April!

Before we depart today, we already have our stuff pack up along inside the car as we will be check in different home stay today at different village, Fuglafjørður. This was an even bigger house with 3 floors, and 5 rooms! Other than that, it also offered a very spacious living hall with fully equipped kitchen as well. Definitely we are expecting some really good rejuvenation here for sure!

Thanks to the experience chef in the group, we got to have a very tasty spaghetti dinner along with absolute nice cocktail mixture using Jägermeister, specialty recipe from Tree!

View over Funningur village on the road to Fuglafjørður.

The outer living area.

The inner area of the living room, good spot for a great sleep!

The view of the village from the living room's window.

The window view, from the bathroom.

Super great spaghetti dinner with lots of green, and Jägermeister cocktail!

Truly a very happening night!

Gjógv - Faroe Islands

April 2019


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