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Sutta Farm Eco Resort

Phu Chi Fa was a famous tourism spot for local Thai people, but still rather new for foreign travelers hence it was kinda challenging in getting a suitable accommodation here when most of the information I able to get from Internet wasn't in English, until I discovered Sutta Farm Eco Resort and Thom. She understand my concerns and requirement as I am travelling with seniors in my group, hence guarantee on the comfort of the place as well as worry free on meals portion as she will be preparing those for us. As a result, we were all very comfortable with the place as it truly make us feel like home! Thom and families treat us more like a friend rather than a guest, which we truly love the vibe here!

Her story was also very motivating, she was initially working at Bangkok along with her husband but was diagnose with colon cancer later on. They then decide to give up everything in the city and bought a place here in Phu Chi Fa, and start to manage the area with organic vegetables and fruits, as well as operating home stay for nature lovers. It was a miracle that with a simple life here with fresh air and environment everyday, her illness recovered tremendously and she is now a healthy and happy person!

It truly inspire me further, that we should seek happiness in life, don't be materialistic!

If you were planning trip to Phu Chi Fa, do consider a stay here in Sutta Farm Eco Resort, you will be amazed with the friendliness of Thom and her family here!

Tonkhaw enjoying the can drink that I bought for her at Phu Chi Fa car park.

Beautiful flowers scattered around the compound of Sutta Farm.

We also gave Tonkhaw a Christmas theme headband and some sweet as well, glad to see how happy she was with all those gift!

Good rental car!

Having our breakfast cooked by Thom, using all organic ingredient that she planted around the compound.

Group photo together with Thom.

Tonkhaw and her 'school'.

Thom and family live here in the tent most of the day, minimalist at its best!

The home stay that we stay for the night.

Camps also available, and different type of room also available up there.

The kitchen and dining area.

Sutta Farm Eco Resort - Thailand

December 2019


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