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Tórshavn - The Capital of Føroyar

After many days of exploration in Faroe Islands, finally the opportunity was here to have our visit towards Tórshavn, one of the smallest capital in the world. The drive to Tórshavn from Eiði was around 50 KM, and we chose to use Oyggjarvegur route, which slightly longer in distance. Of course there was a reason for that, as there were few magnificent scenery along the way that we can stop by which include Kaldbaksbotnur village view from high, crooked road leading to village of Norðradalur, and also huge windmills at Húsahagi Wind Farm. Wasn't a doubt on the choice at all though!

A beautiful fjord ahead that I suggest we should make a stop.

A stunning view on the way to Tórshavn.

Closer look towards the village of Kaldbaksbotnur.

Magnificent view out no nowhere!

Briseis imagine she was skateboarding on the road.

That was actually Koltur island in the middle, the back head of a witch that was part of the legendary story here in Faroe Islands.

Super crooked road leading to Norðradalur village.

Minor snow still scattered around here.

A natural framing on landscape wonder here in Faroe Islands.

Huge windmills at the Húsahagi are a big step forward in SEV's green direction in Faroe Islands.

Tórshavn was totally different from the rest of the villages that we visit by far around Faroe Islands, as it seem to be the only place here that I can assume, a town. Tórshavn alone accommodate almost half of whole Faroe Islands population! We have a quick exploration at the tourist center to grab some postcards and stamps, they are damn costly! We then decided to check in to our accommodation in Tórshavn first and have our lunch break, before explore the town further.

Welcome to Tórshavn city!

Quick wandering around after visiting the tourist center.

The living room on the first floor, at our homestay here in Tórshavn.

Puffin statue in the homestay, again I miss the chance to meet this beauty here in Nordic country.

We drove our cars and have its parked on a car park close to Tinganes, a historical old city which was one of the world oldest parliamentary meeting places, and still home to the Faroese Home Rule Government today. There wasn't any armed security guard to block your way here, hence we were able to wander freely here on our way to have some coffee break at Panama Cafe, a cozy cafe located just by the main road side, next to a book store. We have dinner plan at 7PM with nearly 2 hours to go, and everyone comfortably just wish to stay warmly inside the cafe until then. As for me, I decided to go out for some exploration around the city after done with my coffee.

A luxury cruise docking on the port near to Tinganes.

A walk through the historical old city of Tinganes..

A cat resting comfortably on a bench.

Probably a government sector building in white.

Beautiful Tórshavn Cathedral built in 1609.

This path might be astonishing during autumn, although I ain't sure what kind of tree it was.

A harbor with numerous numbers of private boats.

The city hall of Tórshavn.

A cute dog just outside of Panama Cafe.

Take your time to relax there, I am going out for exploration LOL.

I have a quick exploration at Viðarlundin, the central park of Tórshavn which consist of numerous of walking paths throughout greenery, and also ponds with lots of ducks and swans wandering around. There was also a statue high up in the middle of the park, which was a memorial for Faroese seamen who lost their lives at sea during World War II. On the walk back, I took a side route to Kongaminnið, an obelisk in a memory of a visit from a Danish king on year 1874. You can also have a great view over the city from here!

Initially, we plan to pick a restaurant near to the harbor for dinner but unfortunately almost all of the recommended place was fully booked throughout the night, and almost all of them was super expensive. After some consideration, we stick to casual plan to have nice self cook dinner by getting ingredients from super market instead.

The walk along the roads in Tórshavn.

The walking path inside the park.

A duck wandering at the river.

Few steps up to the statue.

A memorial build for Faroese seamen who lost their lives at sea during World War II.

Comfortable place to have a walk after tea break.

A duck pond with plenty of ducks.

Just so relaxing wandering around the park here.

Along the road while walking back to the town center.

Taking an alternate route to pay a visit to this obelisk.

Kongaminnið, an obelisk in a memory of a visit from a Danish king on year 1874.

The view of Tórshavn city from the obelisk.

No tissue here in the toilet of Panama Cafe, but reusable cloth to wipe your hands after cleaning with water. Such a great concept to help the mother earth.

It seem someone need some help on the bench there.

He must be suffering in cold, we decided to help warm him up by putting some layer on him. HAHA!

Thanks for the good time, Panama Cafe!

Exploration dinner spot around the area, but no luck....

Back to our homestay, and this is my bedroom on the ground floor.

The external view of our homestay.

Another view from the main entrance.

Tórshavn - Faroe Islands

April 2019


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