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Thai Sakura!

After done visiting the Twin Pagodas, we slowly descend our way downhill and surprisingly we did saw little pinkish scenery over some of the mountain area. This suddenly boost some confident that Sakura flower here in Doi Inthanon, if there is any, might be blooming earlier than Ban Khun Chang Khian. I then make a stop over via Doi Inthanon National Park Headquarters to inquiry about their knowledge about this and they were unsure as well, but they suggest us to give a try by visiting Royal Agricultural Research Centre which was about 17 KMs from the headquarters. Not guarantee, but everyone agreed that it worth the effort to explore on hence we on our way to search for Thai Sakura!

It was a mountainous uphill and narrow road from the headquarters but the road condition was good hence it was still safe to drive here. While we almost half way to it, suddenly a small park on the right side of the road already surprise us with massive blooming Sakura flower! Immediately I drove my car into the car park and everyone was glad that we finally found it! The park was instead an orchid garden named Inthanon Lady's Slipper Orchid but today, it was full of the gorgeous Thai Sakura flowers!

I am truly glad of the luck here as later on when I asked my mum which was her most memorable moment throughout the trip, and she reply to witness the beauty of Sakura flowers without even thinking twice. Thanks Chiang Mai for giving my mum such a happy moment!

Finally we met you, Thai Sakura!

Sister with the Thai Sakura.

Mum with the Thai Sakura.

Aunt with the Thai Sakura.

Doris with the Thai Sakura.

The branches of flowers that bloomed lower to the ground that good for photo shoot.

Not massive, but precious.

Bees searching for honey within these beautiful flowers.

The pinkish vibe is in the air!

The serene orchid garden by a lakeside.

Close up on these flowers, so beautiful!

The crossover of pink flowers and blue sky.

The obvious pink and the surrounding green.

The entrance to Inthanon Lady's Slipper Orchid.

Quite some numbers of visitors wandering around the area as well, mostly local Thai.

After spending quite some comfortable and relax time enjoying the pinkish vibe, we depart on our way back to Chiang Mai city and a good dinner at Galae Restaurant since it was Christmas night! The surrounding of the restaurant was gorgeous with countless flowers with different colors and type all over the area. The food was just average in our opinion but still a good visit to enjoy the vibe here.

One of the many flower garden in Galae Restaurant.

Dining in a beautiful garden by a lakeside, simply satisfying!

Simple birthday celebration for the December babies at our home stay.

Inthanon Lady's Slipper Orchid - Thailand

December 2019

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