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The Calendar of Light

I am just on time back to our home stay for breakfast with the rest of the members before start of our activity today. Worth to mention that on the way back, I visited a local store and manage to grab a very affordable pack of breads, more than 10 pieces to be exact, which only cost me 15 Swedish Krona! It was just around RM7 to be exact! This was truly a great bargain here in Scandinavia if you compare with normal cost of meal you have in restaurant, and more importantly it taste good as well!

Our morning plan was primarily to visit the Malmo City Library located just 500 Meters away from where we stayed. We manage to visit the old wing in the morning, but the new wing will only opened for public at 11AM, hence we have a peaceful walks at parks opposite of the library. There are 2 parks here, first was Kungsparken which featuring a English style park with beautiful trail, and secondly Slottsträdgården featuring grassy fields, a windmill, and an absolutely beautiful cafe surrounded with pinky sakura flowers!

Secondary school in Malmo.

The exterior view of the old wing of Malmo City Library.

Computer room and reading space.

Most of the section wasn't open this early.

The Kungsparken park.

The highlight the Malmo City Library's new wing, the Calendar of Light.

Briseis walking through a white sakura tree.

Just in time for full bloom sakura in Nordic, almost everywhere!

Blue flowers scattered on ground all over the park.

Miss the moment wondering in a park under a blue blue sky.

Family bonding time with the ducklings.

Människan och Pegasus sculpture in the park.

Feeding the swans on the pond.

That two hairy trees by the river easily caught my attention.

The white sakura, up close.

The windmill in Slottsträdgården park.

The Slottsträdgården cafe, out door sitting but the environment was just superb!

Portable espresso cafe.

After 11AM, we went back to Malmo City Library, toward the new wing, in order to have a exploration around it, especially that massive glass window that overseeing the peaceful garden of Kungsparken. This session of the library was named The Calendar of Light. The environment and the view was just perfect for book lovers, and truly a great way to encourage people to read more here. I would probably fall in love in reading as well if we have similar library back in Malaysia!

Tree reading a book at one of the cube.

The soft sun light brightening the hall naturally, absolutely piece of gem.

A truly magnificent piece of architecture works.

How to not fall in love in reading in such a place?

Absolute heaven for book lovers!

Hybrid wandering at one of the cube.

The glass window probably having nearly 4-5 stories high!

Time to say goodbye to the Calendar of Light.

We get back to Bullen finally for our lunch, and the food was absolutely great especially the trademark Swedish meatballs! The only shocking part was the sharing portion of food for 6 of us here cost us 1700 Swedish Krona, which was around RM750! This was why I am so happy for the bargain I manage to get for our breakfast, seriously the different was massive!

We have some walks towards the city center area on the North for a bit after the lunch before heading back to our home stay for Tree to collect his luggage. Yeah, we say goodbye to yet another comrade as he heading back to London, safe flight home buddy!

For the rest of us, the visit to Sweden might not be complete without paying tribute to the trademarks furniture giant origin from the country itself, the IKEA! The store was almost identical to those that we have back in Malaysia, with the only different was the language all over the mall. Oh yeah, the food in their cafe here was simply better as well!

Walking street near to Bullen restaurant.

Interior of Bullen restaurant.

The main reason for the visit, testing one of the best meatballs in Malmo!

Where next?

This antique building was actually a restaurant name Rådhuskällaren.

Wandering around Stortoget Square.

Södergatan's permanent orchestra.

Visiting IKEA in Sweden!

The spot where everyone grab a photo via new IKEA store opened in Batu Kawan, with only different the banner in Swedish.

The restaurant and cafe area in Malmo store.

Queuing to order our dinner.

Satisfying dinner of the day!

Malmo City Library - Sweden

April 2019


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