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The Fairy Tales Village of Gásadalur

Short drive from Bøur village, we enter a tunnel with length of around 1.5 KM before we able to see the village of Gásadalur at the end of it. To be exact, there was probably around 10 houses in the village, but the government effort and spending to still dig a tunnel to shorten the traffic in and out from the village was absolutely awesome.

We stopped our cars at designated visitor's car park, and start to wander around the village. There was probably few more travelers like us around, but I don't seem to see any villagers here. We then walking along the cliff all the way south to the village, and passing a small river through a wooden bridge. Everyone just enjoying the nature surrounding but for me, I know what am I expecting much more later with the homework that I did prior to the trip.

The view over the tunnel direction from village's car park.

A small cabin in the village.

None of the villagers were around during our visit.

A round cabin on the edge of the village.

The cliff by the village.

Safety precaution, do not go over the fences.

Candy enjoying the view from the cliff.

The team slowly walk to the south of the village.

James by the cliff.

Tree by the cliff.

Wait for me!

Crossing a river through a wooden bridge.

Minor descending after passing the bridge, we can see the river earlier subsequently forming the famous Múlafossur waterfall, that flew all its way into the sea. What was more astonishing here, was absolutely that magical frame of the scenery, when you have both Gásadalur village and Múlafossur waterfall factor into a single frame! That was probably, truly, the only time in my life after I grew up, to once again believe that fairy tales do exist!

The river flow and became the famous Múlafossur waterfall!

Briseis with the astonishing view.

Familiar scene from fairy tales story right?

This is it, the magical frame of Gásadalur village and Múlafossur waterfall all the way into the ocean!

Fairy tales did exist!

Alvin snapping photos with his phone.

The impact zone between Múlafossur waterfall and the ocean.

A shot towards the ocean.

The photo probably able to tell you how strong the wind there.

The goat by the cliff.

Almost impossible not to fall in love with this magical place!

There was a very steep steps that lead all the way down to the black stony zones by the sea.

We try to went down slowly as it wasn't just steep but also quite slippery all the way down, we ensure every steps was handled well to prevent any accident down there. From the stony zones, you no longer able to see the village from there, but it offered us another perspective on the Múlafossur waterfall. Suddenly, it started to rain a little, but get heavier after just a while without much warning. The area does not have any shaded place hence we have to just rush our self up the slippery steps again with the subsequent plan, to run back to our cars. However, the weather here seem just like Iceland, which was truly unpredictable. The rain totally stopped immediately after we climb the steps, hence we just walk our self back to the village slowly through paved road.

Look at the moss itself will make you aware on how slipper the steps were.

This will tell you the steepness level of these steps. Be careful!

Another great perspective of Múlafossur waterfall.

James and Alvin with Múlafossur waterfall.

Apple with the magnificent Múlafossur waterfall.

The moody weather added some mystery element to this already magical place.

The left behind Candy.

On the walk back to the car park area.

We drive back to Jatnahouse and have some quick exploration around Miðvágur before calling it a day. Mum home made preserved radish and sambal, pairing with crunchy anchovies receiving praise and compliment from the team as it taste so good! Initially I thought I brought too much of those, but it seem that it was all right now. Great time to have a better bond between this newly formed team, especially pairing with some alcohol, before call it a day.

Minor stop just to have a peek again on the sea stack of Drangarnir and island of Tindhólmur.

Minor stop at the petrol station here to survey on the possibility for Drangarnir hike without hiring a guide.

The village of Sørvágur.

Exterior view at our stay, Jatnahouse.

A partial view of the village of Miðvágur.

Miðvágur church.

Truly interesting Nordic houses all over the village.

My drone shot on the village of Miðvágur.

Gásadalur - Faroe Islands

March 2019

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