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The Legend of Trøllkonufingur

Meet up with the rest of the team and we took the same route all the way back to the entry point and our cars. Before that, we also did another minor hike to have a better perspective of the Slave's Rock from equal height. It was amazing how the white surrounding us in the morning, just out of sudden switch the area back to the usual greenery as the snow melted. It was truly great exploration for us, as it seem like exploration to the same area in two different season! Kudos to the team for completing this wonderful 8.4 KM hike in this very beautiful morning.

Slave's Rock from opposite cliff, it was actually quite steep though.

The cliff here even way steeper.

Do you like Boba? LOL!

The mossy ground over there was actually quite loose, be extra cautious as it was just next to a deep cliff.

The snow almost fully melted on lower ground.

Another plan landing soon at Faroe Islands.

Many birds found their home at these rocks on the cliff.

It seem some heavy rain on the island opposite there.

My comrades.

A lonely cabin by the lake.

Visitors on the Slave's Rock.

Strong wave that keep hitting the foot of the high cliff.

It seem Apple was very sensitive with camera!

Hi black sheep.

View towards the airport direction, and also the head of the Sørvágsvatn lake.

Truly an amazing place!

Good bye for now, beautiful Trælanípa!

Relive - Trælanípa Hike

We hop on to our cars and slowly driving down the trail, and suddenly something just caught our attention. It was a 313 Meters tall monolith that was called Trøllkonufingur. There was a legendary story that tight to Trøllkonufingur, or Troll's woman finger, is the finger of a witch that came with the plan to throw Faroe Islands over to Iceland. When she came to the sea south of Vágar, the sun came up and she was turned into stone and fell into the ocean. She was so big that when she reached the bottom of the sea, the back of her head and her finger were above the surface. The back of her head is the island of Koltur, and the finger is Trøllkonufingur. No wonder I always felt there was something strange and spiritual with the island of Koltur, now I know why!

Astonishing scenery of Trøllkonufingur!

The monolith stand tall at 313 meters above the sea level.

Our accommodation as seen from far away.

We just stop the car in the middle of the road for it!

Love this scenery so so much!

As usual in Nordic, the weather keep changing rapidly! Is time to get back into the car.

Trøllkonufingur - Faroe Islands

April 2019

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