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The Pyramid in Vidareidi

Short drive after leaving the white fantasy land in Árnafjørður, we drive through new Viðareiðistunnilin tunnel that replacing the current road to Vidareidi that prone to landslide and avalanche. We stop by a small area on the road side and manage to see a small portion of Vidareidi village by the cliff from far away, and the majestic Malínsfjall just next to us. The visibility during the time was still quite low, hence it was not possible to have a full perspective of it from here. Hybrid try to fly his drone here but have to give up as the wind is getting strong and stronger.

A space to park on the road side after passing through the Viðareiðistunnilin tunnel.

The village of Vidareidi by the sea cliff.

James with the sea cliff from some distance away.

We drive into the village of Vidareidi and we were so glad that the weather getting better as we reach! Vidareidi is the northernmost settlement in Faroe Islands, and it was my only demand to add in itinerary to visit which was not listed in the original plan. We have a short exploration near to the Viðareiði Kirkja area, and then headed to the highest area of the village, in search of the hiking path to Villingdalsfjall to the north of Vidareidi. Due to time constraint, I just hope that we could hike a portion of it, in order to get the spectacular view of coned-shape Malínsfjall mountain with the height of 750 Meters. However, the hiking path entrance was locked with a wooden gate, with a note indicate that we need to get permission from the land owner before attempt to hike the trail, of course, with payment required. We have to abort the plan, and just enjoy the view from the top of the village. At least the weather was getting much better now, and we can now witness the whole Malínsfjall Mountain become visible, and it truly look like a pyramid!

Public toilet in Vidareidi.

The sea side to the west of the village.

Viðareiði Kirkja undergoing some renovation works.

Weather getting better, and we can now get a clearer view on the Malínsfjall mountain.

The edge of Bordoy island, continue by Kunoy.

Out of sudden, the thick cloud spread out and we can start to see blue sky appearing from top!

My personal bias definitely here in Faroe Islands!

Although not able to have a better view by trekking up hill a little bit, but still I am very grateful for the visit!

Some distance away, on the island of Bordoy.

A small village of Múli as seen from Vidareidi village.

The sea side in front of Viðareiði Kirkja that we were wandering earlier.

Say bye to Vidareidi for now!

Vidareidi - Faroe Islands

April 2019

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