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The Raniban Retreat

Fabian arrange a day of stay in Pokhara via a gem on the highland, called the Raniban Retreat to celebrate Mandy's birthday. I did not do much study on the place, but Fabian keep on reminding that you will fall in love with it when you were there. The first thing that I recalled was to bargain for the one way trip here with the taxi driver for 1200 rupee, which end up the road condition up here was bad, or should I said terrible! I believe his car was damaged but he still willing to bring us back to Pokhara town again tomorrow after we check out, for same price. In actual, we were the one that paying him extra on the next day to compensate him on the service.

Upon arriving, 522 steps of stairs awaiting us before we can reach the hotel's lobby. With all the big bags we carried with us, it was really a great workout on the hot afternoon. The hotel was located strategically on top of a hill, which overlooking the Pokhara town as well as Fewa Lake. The mountainous area was in fact very blur due to very thick fogs, which in fact wasted the best things to do here, laying lazily face to face with the majestic snow mountain just opposite from the hotel! I was stunned and amazed with the promotional photo from the Internet, but probably luck was just not with us today. We just spend the time resting comfortably, at least the high altitude make the environment quite cozy and comfortable to nap. The dinner was quite good as well from the hotel.

Probably next time, we might give it another try when the weather wasn't that bad here!

Endless staircase with 522 steps.

At the hotel lobby area.

Our room, with my extra bed laying in the middle of it.

Fabian and Mandy enjoying the view over the town of Pokhara and Fewa Lake.

The white structure on the right was World Peace Pagoda.

Our neighbor next door.

Beautiful flowers planted all over the hotel compound.

The view to the west, very much foggy with limited visibility.

Or else, this is what we will do all day long, just sitting there enjoying these extraordinary view without doing anything! Photo credited from Internet.

The dining area at Raniban Retreat.

Our room number 102 a.k.a Lamjung.

The night view of Pokhara from Raniban Retreat.

Forgot to snap the photo before the hike, the prove that we step 522 steps from where the taxi drop us.

Raniban Retreat - Nepal

November 2018


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