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The Singha Park

Wake up freshly after a long long drive yesterday, and brought my family members to have breakfast at a famous Yellow Truck Coffee here in the town center before another long drive day. Surprisingly, the so call 'Truck' had evolved into a proper shop already nowadays, and the breakfast set was quite convincing. The boss also quite entertaining and active, even playing his guitar and sing to the crowd while we were having breakfast there. It was a peaceful morning.

The older and smaller clock tower on the opposite side of the golden clock tower.

The interior of Yellow Truck Coffee, not a bad choice for breakfast.

We will be back to Chiang Mai tonight, hence I only plan for a stopover spot for the day on the drive back, at the Singha Park. It was owned by Singha Corporation, and was a famous agricultural tourist attraction here in Chiangrai. The park area was so huge and attraction spot was quite some distance from one another, but since car was allowed, we drove straight the way into it for exploration. In reality the self drive only manage to bring you to a beautiful viewpoint overlook Boon Rawd Tea Plantation, and a recreation center which does not have much events during these time of the year, hence after we done the quick visit, we get back to the entrance and purchase the shuttle bus tickets to properly cover the area.

Refreshing greenery at Boon Rawd Tea Plantation.

Another structure still under construction just next to the plantation area.

How great it will be to be on that little island with your love one.

Christmas vibe in the air!

The shuttle bus will have a stopover at 6 respective stations in which you were freely to drop off for exploration on the area, before hop into the next shuttle bus which eventually will bring you back to the entrance area. The summary of the stations were:

First Station: The Swan Lake area, which you can buy fish food for the huge carps in the pond. There was also a huge mouse statue opposite, which probably indicate the Chinese horoscope for the year of 2020.

Second Station: A small hut close to tea farm that offer us free tasting of the tea here.

Third Station: Herb farm area deep into the wood area, which also offer free taste of the herb straight from the plantation here.

Fourth Station: Berries farm and their ice cream was delicious!

Fifth Station: The major attraction here in the park which was a mini zoo with giraffe, zebra, donkeys, and Watusi cows, which easily characterized with its unique large horn! You can purchase some grass from the shop here to feed the animals.

Sixth Station: The recreational center that we stop over earlier, hence we skip it and went back straight to the entrance to conclude the tour!

The iconic Singha Park logo at the entrance of the park.

The reality now, this wasn't a great Mouse year after all....

Huge carps enjoying the fish food that we bought for them.

There was also quite a number of swans on the lake as well.

Next, to the tea farm plantation stop.

Mum wandering around the tea farm.

Hello, giraffe number 17!

Doris feed grasses for the zebras.

This giraffe sense the taste of food and came closer to us.

Fifth aunt feeding the giraffe happily.

Doris's turn to feed the giraffe, well feed day for them.

Mum enjoy the close encounter with these cutie very much.

Close up view, so cute!

See you again, giraffe number 17!

Few other zebras resting at the shaded area.

The Watusi cow with iconic giant horn.

The Kung Fu fighting style praying mantis!

Cute little donkey!

Doris feeding the donkey with some dry grasses from the floor.


Just about a KM from Singha Park, we stopover at a very local home cook shop call Suandok Restaurant and I have to say their food was spectacularly great! I love the green curry, red curry, as well as the Tomyam soup here very very much! Too bad I did not capture any photo of the foods but it truly one of the best Thai food I ever tasted! Recommended!

Google Map:,99.7338859,755m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x30d70fdd49adaec9:0xffd31f9fece0da58!8m2!3d19.8482732!4d99.7339055

Caught this stunning sunset on highway 118 when we almost reach Chiang Mai old city!

Immediately stopping the car on a petrol station roadside and manage to caught this beautiful moment! Life is beautiful!

Singha Park - Thailand

December 2019


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