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Wandering in Eiði

Two days stay here via Fuglafjørður was no doubt the most comfortable accommodation throughout our trip here in Faroe Island, and today we need to say goodbye to it as we will be moving over to the biggest town and the capital of Faroe Island, Tórshavn.

Group photo before leaving this beautiful homestay!

Before we heading south to Tórshavn, we first drive towards north west direction towards a small village of Eiði for sight seeing. Along the way, we saw a familiar waterfall from opposite side of the fjord, it was Fossá Waterfall that we went before few days back! The day when we visit it, we were at the foot of the fall, and not manage to view the full perspective of it, but now from far away, we can now realize the two sections of this wonderful falls. Such a beauty!

What was there on the opposite side of the fjord?

It was the Fossá Waterfall that we visited last few day!

From close by few days back, we only manage to see the lower section of it. The view from here was superb!

Just a short drive from the waterfall view point, we reached Eiði village, and have a magnificent view over it from a cliff by the roadside. Instead of driving into the village, Hybrid lead the way to the north side of the village, passing a big lake, towards a once soccer field by the seaside, and a camp site today. The drone shot taken by Hybrid here was simply spectacular!

Small port at the village of Eiði.

Welcome to the village of Eiði.

We drove all the way through Niðara Vatn and saw these cute kids playing by the lakeside.

A cute kiddo running around the lakeside.

This kid keep sharpening his stone throwing skill.

Adults that escort these kids while they were playing by the lakeside.

Entering the once soccer field, now camp site.

Simply astonishing! Photo credited to Hybrid.

The view from the lake side.

A portion of Eiði as seen from the camp site.

Some houses built high up by the cliff.

Our cars parked beside the seashore.

Massive wave hitting the coastline soon!


All the coastline in Faroe Islands was just so stunning.

Even bigger wave hitting the shore now!

Briseis with the coastline on the edge of Eiði.

Hybrid flying up his drone once again.

Everyone finding a spot to lay down for the shot.

We have a short hike off the cliff to see a small waterfall by the coastline, and simply just sitting there and enjoy the seaside atmosphere with super huge waves, and the comforting wind for sure. Need not too much agenda to plan for, just as simple as sitting here doing nothing was already a huge satisfaction for all of us.

Until this point, if you asked me what Faroe Islands point of attraction? I might probably answer it got nothing special worth for check-in purposes, except endless view of otherworldly landscape scenery.

Hike up just a bit from the field, and we can see the waterfall that flow into ocean.

Sit back and relax.

Another sea stack stand still on the ocean.

Seriously, we just there doing nothing for nearly an hour!

Time to leave this beautiful village!

Eiði - Faroe Islands

April 2019


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