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Welcome to Faroe Islands!

After passing through the final custom check which there was a dog there to smell your luggage for suspicious item, we were welcome by long awaited cool air with 6 degree pairing with extremely strong wind! It was still a very comfortable environment for me although with limited layer.

The first thing we gonna do were to walk for nearly 300 meters to the Rental Car center in order to grab 2 CRV cars that the owner already emailed the details to Hybrid. There were one CRV and Civic parked side by side without any other cars in sight within the parking area. The CRV car plate was exactly the car plate provided by the owner, but the Civic wasn't. We thought that someone might wrongly drive our car instead, hence without thinking much me and Hybrid just drove both of the cars over to the airport area to pick the rest of the folks along with the luggage. While we were doing the loading, suddenly a guy that washing a car next to the car park area drove a CRV and chase us over there mentioned that we were 5 minutes earlier than the committed time for pick up, and he was still washing the car for us! Finally we manage to get both correct car as per details now, and CRV definitely more spacious compared to Civic for our days here. Truly a funny scene to start our Faroe Islands exploration!

The first snow mountain in sight from the airport.

The small but efficient airport here in Faroe Islands.

The car rental center, but no one was there.

I took this photo, assuming these was our cars throughout the trip, I was wrong LOL!

I was one of the volunteer driver in this trip, and I manage to get used to it pretty soon thanks to my extensive driving experience during my US trip. We have a short drive around 7KM to Miðvágur to check in and grab our quick lunch before the subsequent plan. It took us sometimes to identify our apartment, and subsequently to figure out where the owner place the key for us, it was kind of like doing a detective job for that.

The apartment that we were staying for the next 2 days was called Jatnahouse, with great location just by the main roadside and spacious space inside the house. It was a perfect house to accommodate 8 of us. Since we were little in rush, hence we settle our lunch with instant Kimchi Maggi soup and heading out immediately.

Portion of food that we brought from our home land.

The kitchen area.

My favorite place, living hall which end up to be my bed room!

Getting ready for the instant Kimchi Maggi soup as lunch.

Bedroom 1.

Bedroom 2.

Bedroom 3.

Bedroom 4.

The view from the window on the village of Miðvágur.

Isolated house on the high ground.

Classic Nordic houses in various colors!

Extraordinary cliff at the very far of the village.

The peaceful village of Miðvágur.

A special island that caught my attention throughout the trip.

The distance to our destination wasn't too far away, probably just 18 KM of drive, hence we still afford to have a quick stop via Bøur village, for a majestic view over the famous sea stack of Dranganir. This was probably the best introduction of Faroe Islands for us, and we were just excited for the rest of the journey!

Great scenery which force us to stop by the road side for a better view.

The magnificent island of Tindhólmur.

The famous sea stack of Dranganir as seen from village of Bøur from quite some distance away.

A waterfall flowing down to a small bay called Selvík.

Sea stack of Dranganir with the island of Tindhólmur.

James having a shot with the magnificent view that truly a gift from the mother nature.

The village of Bøur.

The viewpoint was exactly at the car park area in the entrance to village of Bøur.

Truly a fascinating view, what a great way to start our exploration!

Miðvágur - Faroe Islands

March 2019


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