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White Fantasy Land of Árnafjarðar

Again I am not sure when I fall asleep, but today I manage to wake up timely at 6 AM sharp in the morning, it seem finally the jet lag got recovered for quite a bit. Alcohol truly a good medicine for that adjustment! We depart timely at 8 AM after having our simple breakfast, with the initial plan to have a morning hike to Klakkur. However, the weather in the morning was rather bad with moderate rain and strong wind, hence not suitable to have a hike in this situation. We then decide to have a drive to Vidareidi village instead while hoping the weather can get better later during afternoon.

Klakkur and sheep, we will come again later!

We have a quick visit at Christianskirkjan Church in Klaksvík, and continue to head northeast to Vidareidi. Upon exiting Klaksvík, we have a short break on the road side overlooking the peak of Klakkur and the fjord nearby it. Out of sudden, a rainbow slowly show its existence just in front of us, and it quickly emerge into a full ring rainbow, for probably a minute or two! Although just a brief amount of time, but to be able to witness it without any expectation was truly a pure luck and we were all very graceful of this encounter!

The back of Christianskirkjan Church.

The mountain at the back was Klakkur.

The front view of Christianskirkjan Church.

Looked like a pyramid?

The view over Klaksvík town.

Beautiful fjords although blurry a bit with little rain.

Rain get heavier out of sudden, but looked who is here!

And it emerge into a full ring rainbow! It was so lucky for us to a random break at this spot!

The road now lead us to go through Árnafjarðartunnilin tunnel, which approximate 1.68 KM in length with single lane. It have various passing lanes along the tunnel, hence you just have to give way when there is opposing car heading over to you. Upon exiting the tunnel, you can either turn right into the only village of the area, Árnafjarðar, or turn left to continue on another similar tunnel, Hvannasundstunnilin with 2.12 KM long. What truly surprise us was it seem only in this small area, the land seem fully covered with snow! Just a moment ago before the tunnel, it was only partially covered on the top half of the mountain but after passing the tunnel, it looked like a total different world!

It was true that there was no definite season here in Faroe Islands, anything can happen anytime, anywhere!

A different world after passing through a short tunnel.

The Árnafjarðartunnilin tunnel.

No need alignment upfront, both of us slow down and park our cars by the road side for this!

It was a miracle white fantasy land out of nowhere!

This small village of Árnafjarðar becoming even more beautiful surrounded by these snow!

Quick snap of Tree at this white fantasy land.

Quick snap of Alvin at this white fantasy land.

Quick snap of Candy at this white fantasy land.

Árnafjarðar - Faroe Islands

April 2019


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