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Zlatan Court

Today marked our last day here in Faroe Islands, we spend the whole morning cleaning up the remaining food in the fridge, and pack the rest for Tree to bring back to England. The short flight towards Copenhagen passed through the great Scandinavian Ice Sheet, and the view was just spectacular even just from the plane.

After having a simple dinner together Burger King at Copenhagen airport, Candy and Apple will first depart back to Singapore. It was always hard to say goodbye, wish them for a safe flight back home! For the rest of us, we will spend some times at Malmo, a city on the Sweden side. The trip to Triangeln station by train, from the airport just took us 20 minutes and super convenient, imagine that we even cross country from Denmark to Sweden. Travel day will always be so exhausting, but we truly glad that the AIRBNB homestay that Hybrid booked was truly a great one! We definitely will have a nice stay through the night here before sightseeing in the town the next morning.

The magnificent Scandinavian Ice Sheet from the plane.

Back to Copenhagen airport.

Waiting for train to Malmo. It was great to see bicycles were allowed to be in the train, and wondering why Malaysian government took out that privilege.

It was already dawn when we reached Malmo.

A very modern appearance of Triangeln station.

The St. John's Church just next to Triangeln station.

One of the bedrooms of our homestay.

It was Sweden, and you can almost see all the furniture were from IKEA.

I get to know that Malmo was in fact the hometown of Swedish soccer superstar, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. There was a soccer field in Rosengård district, a gift by the legend to the kids in the neighbourhood, where he himself grew up at. Since I have the original plan to go for a run in Malmo before the rest wake up, I am thinking it was a great idea to add Zlatan Court to my route.

Instead of a run, it was more like a jog and walk throughout the beautiful streets, as well as extremely beautiful Nordic Sakura blooming everywhere! Can't imagine my first encounter with Sakura wasn't in countries like Japan or Korea, but here in Scandinavia. A great bonus for waking up early for sure!

St. John's Church from another angle, through the quiet street in the morning.

OMG, it was sakura!

Sunrise over a fully blossomed sakura tree.

What a way to start a day!

Walked through a park on the way to Rosengard.

Passing underneath a bridge before reaching the Rosengard neighbourhood.

Quieter than what I have imagined here.

This is it, the Zlatan Court.

It seems the goalkeeper went totally wrong way.


That was probably the silhouette of Zlatan on the entrance to the court.

'Here is my heart. Here is my story. Here is my game. Take it further. Zlatan'

Surprise it was all empty but the pigeon there, perhaps I was just too early for the visit.

Home is where your heart is.

Passed through yet another beautiful sakura trees fully blossomed!

Public bus on the street.

Bullen, a famous restaurant here for the traditional Swedish meatball meal. Will make a visit probably later.

Rosengard - Sweden

April 2019


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